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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

OVERHAULIN.mx located in San Antonio 529 Bis extension., Col. San Pedro de los Pinos, Mexico City, Mexico, in compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data held by individuals, hereinafter ( the "Act"), and in order to regulate their legitimate treatment, controlled and informed, in order to ensure privacy and the right to informational self-determination of the people, we inform our privacy policy and personal data management .

1. - From Data Collection.

a) Personal Information. - In the sale of products and / or provision of any services that
called moral OVERHAULIN.mx offers its customers and the general public, will require
granting them the following information:
1. Name;
2. Organization to which it belongs
3. Position within the organization;
4. Address;
5. Phone;
6. Email.

2. Purpose of data processing.

Of personal data. - We will use the customer data you provide, as follows:
a) For commercial purposes to sell and / or contact you and send you information regarding the
products and / or services offered by OVERHAULIN.mx;
b) As for statistical purposes subject to a process of dissociation.

3. Data transfers.

A. PERSONAL DATA. - Except for the personal data are collected for
promotion of products and / or services from parties other than OVERHAULIN.mx, this company will not disclose or share personal data with third parties to solicit their customers.

Regarding personal data OVERHAULIN.mx to seek a third party to promote with these products and / or services, OVERHAULIN.mx, shall:

a) Communicate to your customers, who, not being interested in the product and / or service of third
may refuse to hand over their data and be contacted by the third party;
b) Sign a contract with the third party so that, in providing its services, provides the
following observations:
1. Put in place security measures to ensure a level of protection
proper respect personal data of customers and;
2. Limit the use of the data for the purpose for which you were delivered by OVERHAULIN.mx ie, for promotional purposes.

Should the third party to contact customer reach and seek more information from it or data
OVERHAULIN.mx borne, that third party is responsible for the treatment given to such data.

B. DATA TRANSFER WITHOUT CUSTOMER. OVERHAULIN.mx, transmit the data to obtain from its customers, in the following cases:

1. In any of its subsidiaries and / or affiliates, who are bound to protect and
use the information in terms of this Notice of Privacy;
2. For any of the reasons set out in the Act

OVERHAULIN.mx, reserves the right to transmit customer data in case of sale or transfer of all or part of its business and / or assets. In the event of such sale or transfer, OVERHAULIN.mx, will do everything possible so that the next owner use the customer data in accordance with this Privacy Notice. If you do not want your data to be processed and used after the transfer, the new owner must so state.

4. Means of exercising rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition.

All OVERHAULIN.mx client that interested in exercising the rights under the Act, may do so by contacting the Customer Service Department of OVERHAULIN.mx, located in San Antonio 529 Bis extension., Col. San Pedro de Los Pinos, Mexico, DF, Mexico, Tel (55) 5135 0130 or by sending an email to the following address:

5. Changes to the Privacy Notice.

Any changes to this Privacy Notice will be brought to customers through our
www.overhaulin.mx web site